ShowBox app not working: Quick fix

Downloading movies and watching them for free on mobile phones is the best entertainment. There are various movie downloaders available in the market that can entertain you for the entire day. But if we talk about the best then ShowBox HD would be standing on top.

showbox app


TubeMate, VidMate, SnapTube, Videoder, PlayView, PlayBox, CinemaBox HD etc are applications that allow you to play different movies, videos and songs at the same time. They all are known for their mesmerizing features and powerful user interface. ShowBox HD is also one of them, so let’s put down its features together :-

  • Download and watch unlimited movies, videos and songs.
  • Convert videos to Audio without any external converter.
  • It supports different languages to attract people from all over the world.
  • Continue your movie or tv series from the last point you left it.
  • Choose from many resolutions available for downloading movies.
  • Amazing user interface that allows you to search for movies and videos in a better manner
  • Batch downloading is also available in the app.
  • Users can search for favorite movies by their keywords.
  • Share video links with friends and family over social media sites like facebook, Instagram, Twitter,WhatsApp and YouTube.
  • Connect to ChromeCast to watch movies and videos over your big screen.

ShowBox HD not working

We have got many complaints regarding ShowBox HD not working on devices like mobile phones as well as PC’s. Well, when we downloaded the app unfortunately, we did not face any problem or issue of this kind. But, for your convenience, our team researched on this and tried to resolve this problem. After a lot of effort and research, we found out from ShowBox HD posted a status on Facebook saying “ ShowBox HD users should update the app to 4.65. For people who have not done yet will face problem as the app will stop by itself”. So, users don’t need to worry about this, they can uninstall the app and reinstall it .


ShowBox HD application is genuinely the best entertaining app available in the market. It allows you to download movies for free and watch them anytime you want. This app has really entertained people with its amazing service and powerful features. We have managed to give you the solution for the long awaited problem lying unanswered for few users. Please do let us know for any other issues with this application.

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Playview App – Top 7 Features

Playview app is your ultimate companion when you are hell bored and you want a good app to kill time and feel relaxed and what can be more relaxing and comforting and relaxing than your TV and you can not carry your TV around with you but the Playview app makes sure you do not miss any episode of your favorite TV show or movie because you can watch them on Playview app anytime you want from anywhere around the world. Playview logo

Playtime is an entertainment app originally developed for android devices but you can now download the Playview apk for most of the operating systems out there and you can use the Playview app on all your devices to watch free TV shows and movies in high definition.

Playview app gives tough competition to other similar apps like Netflix and Hulu, of course they are more premium and you get the newest and exclusive content on Netflix but Playview provides TV shows and movies for free and you do not have to spend a dime on the services.

Top 7 Features of Playview App

Let’s explore the top 7 features of Playview apk that give this app an edge over other similar apps and why you should go for Playview app rather than the other paid premium apps. Following are the top 7 features of Playview app, take a good look…

1.    Watch the latest movies, TV shows, Documentary and TV shows for Free, were Netflix and Hulu charge for all subscription, Playview lets you watch all the media content for free.

2.    Stream media content in HD and full HD resolution i.e. 720p and 1080p resolution whereas all the other similar apps charge to display content in HD and full HD.

3.    You can also download the media content that you watch on your device using the Playview app and then share it with your friends.

4.    You can apply many filters to search the perfect TV show or media content that you want to watch.

5.    It has an embedded media player that has all the necessary features and you can use it to watch videos on your device.

6.    It has the most minimal and simple interface and anyone can get used to it very easily in no time.

7 .   It has inbuilt downloader and you can download media files at very high speeds.

Thank you for reading the Top 7 Features of Playview app, feel free to comment your views below, we will be happy to hear from you.

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HD video player – For Android

Video formatting using one single app

HD video player1HD video player is the easiest phone video player. It is a complete multimedia player for Android. Users has loved its simplicity and High definition video quality by rating it with 4.2 stars with good reviews. As I said it is a very simple application, It makes your work easy by handling your video gallery. You don’t have to organise them manually. Isn’t that cool ?

 Let’s discuss its amazing features -:

  • Automatic identification of all the video files in your phone
  • Thumbnail display the contents of the video in the file.
  • Delete, rename, play and pause operations available
  • Smoothly plays FLV files.
  • Recent playlist available
  • Quick browser for your video search option.
  • HD play back your video files

These were just few features. As you start using it, you will be reminded of some more exciting features.

HD video player gives a very easy to handle option, where you can watch videos in  Mp4, AVI, M4v, wmv, flv, mpeg, mov, rm, asf, mkv, F4v, Ts, and Tp files, all the formats are available. So, you don’t have to worry about the process of video playing.

It again helps you to rearrange the videos by deleting them from your device memory and arrange in alphabetical order. I liked this feature, just because it actually saves my time.

hd video 2


Now, if I am taking about saving time, then let me tell you that HD video player provides you with small snap shots of the video, so that one can recognize them even if you tend to forget there name.

When I was using HD video player, there were some basic issues like, there is no fast –  forward or reverse option while playing the video, as well as there are too many advertisements. This really irritates the users.

Hd video player has been recently updated by the developers, I can see some effective changes. I am sure you’ll love it.

For any problem or suggestion towards HD video player, please feel free to write your comments below. I would love to read them. Thank you !



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How to launch FaceTime on your iPhone or iPad

It’s not rocket science, launching FaceTime either on a Mac, an iPhone,  or an iPad. Although, I am almost sure you know how to launch FaceTime on a Mac, so I will just be discussing the basic steps of how to launch FaceTime on your iPhone or iPad.

FaceTime was originally launched specifically for iOS devices, so no wonder they made it extremely easy for you to launch FaceTime from your iPhone or iPad.  Of course, they would do so because FaceTime is both their native application and one of their most popular video calling services available.

How to launch FaceTime on your iPhone or iPad

Launching Facetime on iPhone:-

So in order to launch FaceTime on your iPhone:-

  • Select the  FaceTime app from your home screen
  • You will get a search bar at the top of the app, enter the name of the person you are trying to contact.
  • Once you have finished typing the name of the person you should see telephone receiver kind of icon on the extreme right side of the screen, just tap on it to initiate the FaceTime.

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Converting Direct Voice Calls, to Facetime:-

They might be instances, when you are on a direct call with one of your friends, and then suddenly something hits you and you are like “ I want to start a FaceTime”,  well that’s exactly when you can use the following steps.

What the following steps will do for you is,  they will convert your direct calls, into a great FaceTime conversation automatically.

And, the best part about that is it only requires a single tap on the screen for you to  convert a direct call into a FaceTime.

When you are on a call with somebody, you must have seen the dashboard which pops up right?

I am referring to the screen, that comes up on the screen when you are calling someone if you have ever noticed that screen also holds a FaceTime option on it.

Do I still need to spell it out for you?

Just tap on the FaceTime button, if the other person is on FaceTime and is using the number on which he is on call with you, the FaceTime should start automatically without any further taps on the screen.

So yeah, that was about how you can Initiate a Facetime on an iPhone, or an iPad. Or convert a direct call into a Facetime without a lot of technical hustle.

Hope this piece solved your basic queries regarding Facetime, huh? Afterall, it’s nothing like building a spaceship anyway.

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What makes Zapya the best File Transfer App

Zapya has many features that has helped it get more downloads and of course come up with better updates always. Here, are reasons that make Zapya the best file transfer app:

Speed: When transferring files, everyone wants it at the fastest rate possible. The kind of interface Zapya has, many might find it a bit messy; however, the fact is that the time it takes to index files is indeed worth the download. Until and unless you have cleared the cache, nothing will seem to be a problem.

zapya app for pc

No wait: You don’t have to wait for the content to populate with the help of the ‘infinity’ icon that will help you search for other ZAPYA clients working on the Wi-Fi network as you are.

Connect with others: Whenever you find clients on the list connected, you can simply tap on their names. You can send items from the other devices with just one tap and you will see the items appear magically out of nowhere. Though, you won’t be able to open the files from within the app, the files will automatically be saved at proper destinations meant for the respective item.

Send and receive files fast: The ZAPYA code of behaviour works in sync with the speed of the chipset and antenna of your Wi-Fi to attain a particular amount of speed. This is super expensive when compared to the same items when sent by Bluetooth.

Share with maximum of 5 people: File transfer applications are used mainly for the purpose of sharing the same file with more than just one person, not to forget the speed though. When you have an option to share files with 5 devices, it makes your sharing easier and also the time lesser.

MultiPeer connectivity: Similar to the kind available in AirDrop, Zapya allows sharing based on multipeer connectivity and it surely is a cool feature that it has to its disposal.

Useful and handy: Because of its speed which can go to as high a 5 MB/second or 120 pictures in a minute, the application makes the entire process of file transfer handy and super useful, especially to all the students sharing so many pictures of assignments or also people at their work place sharing documents.

Zapya came into being in 2012 and ever since has been proving its utility at every step and every feature. There have been news that the app updates for the app are from sources outside play store, however, it is a trusted application and there has to be no worries about safety issues while you are on the app; especially all the Windows phone users!


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Download WhatsApp for PC – Windows 10, 8.1,7 and XP

Hi friends, today we are gonna talk about how to download Whatsapp on the PC. I am sure, there is no person out there unaware of this amazing app. Since the day one phones have been invented,  messaging and chatting has been the prime objective of using the device. If the device is unable to serve the purpose of chatting, that’s absolutely useless.


Whatsapp is the most popular platform for sending texts and files over the internet. Well, when Whatsapp was introduced, the market was saturated with messengers like ebuddy and Windows messenger. But Whatsapp revolutionized the messaging app.

Within a short time period, everyone was driving crazy about the Whatsapp. Millions of users have downloaded this app and using on their smartphones.

With Whatsapp you can send texts and files like images to your friends and families.

Check below premium features of Whatsapp:

  • You can send unlimited text messages to your contacts.
  • It can be used when you are connected to the internet. Without the internet it is unable to work.
  • It has unique feature of delivering and see reports of messages. You can find out whether your text message has been delivered and seen or not.
  • The best part it is free from all types of advertisement.
  • You can share various file formats with your contacts like images, songs, voice notes etc.
  • You can do group chatting in this app.
  • If someone is wasting your time on Whatsapp, just block the contact.
  • You can customize your profile with picture, name and status.
  • It is directly associated with your phone number. Without a phone number it is not gonna work.
  • You can share your present location with your friends using Whatsapp.
  • The first year is free to use Whatsapp. From the second year, you have to pay subscription fee of $0.99.
  • You can every call your friends and family with a call feature.

At first his app was only for Android and iOS platform. I short, only smart devices could use this app. At the start, users also wanted this app on their PCs. They used a trick to install Whatsapp on their PCs. Android emulator was the option for anyone who wanted to install Whatsapp on the PC. Because android emulator can create virtual Android environment on the PC.

But when Facebook bought the Whatsapp. They released the PC version of Whatsapp. So there is no need to install Android emulator anymore. You can directly install Whatsapp PC version from here.


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Some apps and games you’re gonna love

So we’re gonna talk about apps and games today. It’s almost november, and school and college is already getting boring. Here are some apps to keep you entertained while you’re back home resting your tired brains.

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Download Photo Grid for PC – Windows and Mac

Android apps prevails in today’s world now. From games to day to day activities, there is nothing on planet, for which Android app is not available. These apps are easy to install on different platforms like PC or Mac.

For picture editing, tons of apps are available. But all of them are not great. In fact, there are just few softwares that usually serves the purpose. Photo Grid is one of them.  It comes in the photo category of apps on Google Play Store. Millions of users have used this app for editing their pictures.


To be honest, not everyone is fond of Photoshop. In fact, they don’t know how to operate Photoshop. So it means you are not allowed to edit your picture! Add filters. Don’t worry, in this situation, PhotoGrid is a perfect solution.

Basically Photo Grid is picture editing app. We use this app for doing and adding different effects plus fitlers to our images and make them into collages. Well the basic version is free. But some advanced features come with paid version.


Unlike photoshop and other softwares, Photo Grid is extremely easy to use. Its easier features plus the interface is the real charm of the app. Any average person will fall in love with Photo Grid instantly.

It has a wide range of premium features, frames and effects for making your picture looks like studio finish. Photo Grid is powerful photo editing app.

The design of app is so strong, that uses best of phone’s processor, and make the results faster.

Luckily we can download and install this app on our Windows PC or Mac. The procedure is same for both devices.

You must know that Android apps cannot be directly run on PC or Mac. They need Android operating system to run. So how to take Android to the PC! Just think about it. What can be possible solution!

Android player is the answer. It allows you to make virtual Android environment on the PC. There are several Android players in the mar ket like Andyroid or BlueStacks.

We are gonna use the BlueSTacks.

So here are the needed steps while downloading Photo Grid on the computer.

  • First of all install the Blue Stacks on your computer.
  • Open up the app. You will find trendy apps plus updates on the home page.
  • In the search bar, insert keyword “Photo Grid” and tap on it.
  • Once searched, click on “Install” to complete the process.


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Top 3 Alternative of SHAREit for PC

Shareit App is the new app in tech town. Play Store and iTunes probably got hundreds of application that are designed for the data transfer. Right now, Shareit is the leader in this niche. It has the reasons to be on top. As it uses Wifi technology, but with zero network usage. Yes, you don’t need to have access to the network or Wifi. It just uses technology not actual bandwidth. You can send any type of data like images, songs, videos, presentation and documents, etc with Shareit.

Just both devices need installed Shareit for initiating file transfer. Its compatibility is its charm. It can be installed on any device and it can transfer files between cross platforms.

But sometimes you really don’t have access to Shareit. It can be for any reason. In this situation, you need a backup or alternatives. Luckily we got alternatives to Shareit App. Well their performance is not matched to Shareit. But they come handy in case of emergency.

Have a look at better alternatives of Shareit App.

Air Droid:


First best alternative to the Shareit App is Air Droid. You probably have heard about this app. It uses Direct wifi to transfer files between two Android devices. How this actually achieved! When you launch the Air Droid, the most work is done with this app. It creates the bridge between your device and web browser. Here you will find two web addresses for file transfer. One will be the IP address of wifi used and another one takes you to the In the second case, you have to scan QR code with your devices for further processing. You can also send or receive messages using Air droid. Notification alert is an extra feature.



SuperBeam is another way to keep you away from horrendous slow Bluetooth performance. Like Air Droid it also uses Wifi or Wifi Direct to send data between devices. Its interface is pretty great and easy to use. Unlike other apps, its visuals are customizable. Its speed is 50 times faster than Bluetooth.



This is another addition to Shareit Alternatives. It is a really convenient way to send files between two devices. Its performance is 50 times faster than Bluetooth. People probably know this app as Flash Transfer. Like other alternatives it is Wifi based application. It means it uses the Wifi technology, but not the internet connection. It provides ultra fast transmission. You must try it!



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